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CLEARLINK believes that creating a better world starts at the local level. Our employees are active participants in our communities - involved in everything from food drives and homeless shelters, to clothing drives for those who are in need. CLEARLINK encourages employees to volunteer by promoting opportunities and by making it easy for employees to participate. Learn More

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CLEARLINK's Pound for Pound program inspires healthy living

It's no secret that healthy employees make for a healthy bottom line, but that's not the only reason CLEARLINK Technologies hosts an annual fitness competition. In its second year, CLEARLINK's Pound for Pound Program promised the Utah Food Bank $1 for every pound of fat an employee lost, and another $1 for each pound of muscle gained. In addition to donating to the Utah Food Bank, CLEARLINK offered employees cash prizes for a little 'get fit' incentive. "We want our employees to engage in life-changing experiences, and I believe the Pound for Pound program accomplishes this two-fold; benefiting both our employees and the Food Bank," CLEARLINK CEO, Phil Hansen said. More

Measured up for the final weigh in.

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Personal, Professional Growth Gives Back

When CLEARLINK saw an opportunity to help local children, it jumped on board. In as little as one month, CLEARLINK employees have donated more than six 50 gallon drums full of clothing to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. According to Director of Community Partnership for Big Brother Big Sisters, John Gold, those are the best results the organization has ever experienced.

How did it begin? Just last month CLEARLINK's Director of Operations, Brandon Russell organized the ongoing clothing drive in conjunction with an employee incentive program to improve self discipline and strict adherence to daily scheduling and company policies. Each week, four sales representatives are chosen as winners and are awarded $50 to spend on new clothes. There is a catch, however. Before they receive their $50 reward they must first donate an article of clothing from their closet to the drive. But the drive isn't restricted only to the sales team, each and every CLEARLINK employee has the opportunity to participate by dropping off gently used items in any of the Big Brothers Big Sisters donation bins throughout the office. The amount of clothing donated evidences the scale of involvement, company-wide.

Clothing and other household items donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah assist the organization with nearly 17% of its operating funds and significantly reduce the waste of time, landfill space, energy and raw material associated with discarding such items traditionally.

CLEARLINK employees are excited for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Utah children and to aid Big Brothers Big Sisters in their mission to help these young lives reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact.

Russell, the initial operation mastermind, said that the employees have pretty much taken things into their own hands. They look forward to even more promising months to come in the ongoing drive.

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